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20th Annual Midwest DNA Repair Symposium

20th Annual Midwest DNA Repair Symposium

Case Western Reserve University will host the 20th Annual Midwest DNA Repair Symposium, May 5-6, 2018. This symposium is a great opportunity for people working on DNA damage and repair in the midwest area to gather together and discuss science! The agenda promises exciting science and opportunities for networking, poster presentations, and keynote presentations from field experts Stephen Kowalczykowski and Lee Zou. Register today! 

Keynote Speakers


Stephen Kowalczykowski, PhD
Distinguished Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics,
and of Molecular and Cellular Biology University of California

Lee Zou, PhD
Professor, Pathology, Harvard Medical School
Associate Scientific Director, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Cancer Center
James & Patricia Poitras Endowed Chair in Cancer Research
Jim & Ann Orr MGH
Research ScholarAssociate Member, Broad Institute